Charles Darwin It was snowing butterflies What I am going to tell you is a person who discovered a myriad of things in different countries and cryptic islands. But I read the 67th book so my ambition is to start the new adventure from the first book to the 80th but let me get to the […]

What Is happening in act 4 scene 1 is that the three witches have been making a cryptic cauldron with other different body parts of animals that are really repulsive”time, thou anticipate my dread exploits”.

My dad died twice. But only the second time was my fault. The book I am going to tell you now is called time traveling with a hamster and a boy called al chaudhury,who travels back to 1984 to prevent a go-kart accident and save his fathers life but as well not losing his hamster […]

What has been happening in act 3 scene 6 is that macduff moves to England because he thinks that something is going to happen to someone else”free from our feast and banquet bloody knives”.

what is happening in act 3 scene 4 is that Macbeth is going to have a banquet with the lords and he sees the ghost of banquo sitting in his throne that is why he moves away.

what is happening in act 3 scene 4 is that Macbeth sent the three murders to vanquish banquo but when that happened they killed banquo but fleance escaped.

It will have blood they say. Blood will have blood. MACBETH is trying to change his future or in other words his orcale.         i am is blood stepp’d so far that should I wade no more, returning were as tedious as go o’er.

What has been happening in act 3 scene 3 there is three murderers who I think is the three witches because they only listen to Macbeth and when the go they go kill Banquo but fleace escapes and that is my scene summary.

What has been happening in act 2 scene 3 is that someone knocks on the door and the porter is sleeping so he wakes up and he gets angry because he thinks it’s the devil annoying him and he talks to the devil like this”who is there in the name of beelzebub”.And that is what […]